SQ2000 Specs and Performance data:

Factory model specs: click on image.
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N416 SQ2000 specs:

Empty weight: 1410 lbs (1394 lbs w/o 9qt oil)
Engine: rebuilt 6A-350-C2 Franklin 6 block, approximately 200 HP.
Prop: 66" 3 blade, IVO magnum in-flight adjustable
Fuel Capacity: 35 gal. (incl 2.25 gal sump tank)
Landing gear: 3 retractable

The following are at 1850lbs & 117 CG (values change with weight and/or CG position)
- Climb: 2000ft/min (105kts, 2000 dens alt).
- Ceiling: 18K+ feet. (still doing 200+ft/min)
- Best glide ratio: approx 19:1 (105kts, 3000 dens alt)
- Fuel efficiency: best about 5 gal/hr near 120 kts.
- Canard stall: 66kts.
- Takeoff distance: approx 1500ft, rotate at 80kts (IVO electric adjustable prop.)
- Landing rollout distance: approx 2000ft (about best I can do and prefer 4000ft + runways)
- Speed: 165kias 180kias, 3000 dens alt., 2800 rpm.