Note: KLS/ACD factory has closed down June 2007.
Stan Montgomery has a few SQ2000 parts available in storage.

(The information below is out of date.)

KLS Website.

KLS Composites has changed its business name to Advanced Composite Design, Inc. (ACD). KLS was a partnership and changed. They had a website domain name registered by Stan Montgomery, the manager of the business. But currently the domain name appears to be abandoned. For whatever reason, they were never good at getting or maintaining a website.

ACD moved (2007) their operation from Sale Creek TN to Dayton airport. Their address is
Advanced Composite Design, Inc. (ACD)
936 Purser Rd.
Dayton, TN 37321
Phone: 423-451-0209, Fax: 423-451-0208
E m ail: sq-2000fliesfast at msn dot com

Other news at "ACD": They have spent considerable time and funds developing a larger, 7 seater, composite aircraft, the SUA-7, the shape and size approaching the Cessna Caravan with a payload of approximately 2000lbs. It was started in 2001 and is now tested and flying. Stan Montgomery is a prolific aircraft designer.