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New items: Catto 3 blade prop, IVO Prop with extra blades

IVO magnum 66" dia pusher blades, 45" to 105" pitch range, $550
Used, good condition. About 60 hrs on blades. These are left hand blades for standard aircraft engine pusher configuration. AFAIK it will also fit the Tracy RD-1B redrive for tractor and RD-1C for pusher configuration. I sold the IVO hub so I have the blades left over - good for spares if you trash your blades like I did. New blades from IVO are $960.

Other Useful Information:

Aluminum Manifold fittings:

Make your own aluminum manifold fittings and save a pile of AN fitting contortions. On the left is a centerline drilling jig for 3/4 x 3/4 aluminum rod I made from scrap angle iron and a 3/8 OD x 1/4 ID steel tubing and a 12" long 1/4" drill bit. The sample shown is connection to replace Airflow Performance dual pump original fittings that looked like huge spaghetti. I use 3/4 x 3/4 square 6061T6 aluminum which I find sufficiently strong and thick enough for drilling both 1/4 and 1/8 NPT thread. The 6061T6 is best for machining (drilling and taping) compared to other aluminum grades that are not as machinable.

Notes: Start your tap threads by hand with a bench press drill chuck so that the threads are perpendicular and not angled. Allways use some fuel resistant thread compound (like TFE paste found in hardware store). If you tighten AN aluminum an fitting into aluminum without the paste, it may strip threads trying to remove it - aluminum has a high coefficient of friction.

Mig welder:
(2001) Splurged about $500 on a Mig welder system for welding steel and aluminum. Found it useful fabricating the engine mount and myriad of other things.

05/21/2010 Update: The Mig welder performance was deteriorating to near useless - even after replacing the gun assembly. I replaced it with a Hobart 140 Handler. It is a great welder and got a great price for welder with cart at local Runnings farm store. I had the old welder for 9 years and felt the purchase was justified - and spouse chipped in to help with cost (near my birthday).

Small Metal lathe:
I found this tool extremely useful for making small shafts, odd size bushings, threaded aluminum rods, etc. May be for sale someday or for small fee will do small jobs.

Suppliers I found:

They have a lot of specialized items I could not find elsewhere - valves, special length screws, etc.

This company has a lot of unique gears, pulleys, shafts, that you may not be able to find at standard kit aircraft suppliers. I purchased the telescoping universal joint (part number A 5X 8-SE3216, about $166) for the yoke adaptation to transfer the yoke compound telescoping/rotational motion to the ailerons. According to their ads, they also customize parts for your needs.

This place has lots of fiberglass supplies - including KLS E-glass at lower price. Their System 2000 epoxy appears to be high strength and high Tg temperature and cheaper than the Hudco stuff recommended by KLS Composites but it is thicker requiring some extra scraping, etc. for wetting. It appears that their System 2000 epoxy is the same as AeroPoxy available from Aircraft Spruce at a lower cost.

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