I have always been a creative builder of sorts - 2 houses, front end loaders, portable welders, trailers, even a rotating dome observatory, etc.

In the back of my mind I wanted to have my own plane but could not really afford time or money due to family, work and finances. It was not until about 2000 after finishing paying college for both of my kids that I could afford the idea. Around 1996 I discovered the best price/performance route with the kit aircraft concept.

My preferences are for fast, economical cross-country transportation rather than STOL or sport aircraft and decided that canards had the best combination for the goal. I wanted a four seater and pretty good speed. The SQ2000 fuselage appears to be a good compromise of size and streamlined body. Aside from the sleek fuselage design there is not much more unique about the SQ2000. The full retractible gear gives it another few extra cruising knots. The first time I saw the SQ2000 was in 1997 Florida Sun-n-fun show made by now defunct "Glassic Composites" but later reorganized as "KLS Composites".

On Aug. 22, 2001, I purchased the whole kit (except for the cowling) from KLS Composites in Tennessee, figuring that even if they go broke, I will have all the parts needed to finish the plane. (After I finished the construction, 02/12/2004, they were still in business.)

I am fortunate to work my own small business from home. The garage/shop is only 15 steps from my office so I easily "commuted" from office to garage between fiberglass curings. I hoped to finish the project by mid summer 2002, spring/summer 2003, fall 2003, Jan. 2004, Feb. 2004. Whatever time you think it will take, multiply it at least by two. No wonder so many builders give up.

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