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I am always in a hurry and the kit builder software I paid for did not suit me. I prefer easy to use, intuitive software that gets me "from a to b" quickly. So being a programmer I spent a little time and made my own software to my liking. Since its easy to use, there is no help file and the report printing works for the summary and expense page. The database files are standard Visual Foxpro so that you can easily export data to other common MS software if you need to.

It's free to canard builders but a donation is expected from other builders (after 60 day trial period). They can send a donation check to: Paul Lee, 126 Blue Jay Rd., Pierre, SD 57501 USA

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Before downloading the software here is some legalese:
"HomeBuilt Log" Software License Agreement AND Disclaimer
By using this software you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this agreement. Unauthorized accepting or distributing copies of this software is not permitted. The software is only to be downloaded from this site. "HomeBuilt Log" is supplied as is without warranty of any kind. Paul Lee (DBA Abri Technologies), disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and of fitness for any purpose. Paul Lee (DBA Abri Technologies) assumes no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the use of "HomeBuilt Log". All "HomeBuilt Log" software rights reserved to Paul Lee (DBA Abri Technologies).

How to install the software: There is no fancy installation software included but its easy to install with a little care. Most of you homebuilders are a little brainier and do not need to be led by the hand every step.

  1. Make a new HomebuiltLog directory ("folder") somewhere convenient for you. You can also make a separate photo directory (a good idea).
  2. Download the two zip file packages:
  3. Unzip the two packages into the HomebuiltLog directory and start up the Homebuilt.exe file from the directory itself and not using Windows Explorer which sometimes uses the root directory as default directory. You can make a shortcut of Homebuilt.exe and drag it to your desktop or wherever.

How to update your copy of HomebuiltLog with never revisions.
That's easy. Just download the Log software files again and only extract the Homebuilt.exe file and copy it over the older one in your HomebuildLog directory.

A W&B calculator is included in the software as well as printing the result sheet for FAA requirements.
For step by step sample instructions on W&B usage click here

If you use the software, any feedback is appreciated.

My email is on the top of the front page.