Here are some photos of SQ2000 that David Hanson in Mechanicsburg Pa sent me. This is his third canard he is building. You can contact him by email at "David.Hanson at crowncastle dot com" or his phone 724 614 9046 or send him a greeting card: David Hanson, 600 Woodside Ave., Ellwood City Pa. 16117

Photos shown most recent first. Click on any photo for larger picture

01/17/12 David's recent mods to main gear, controls, linkage, pitch trim and a new paint job.

06/05/09 David's SQ completed and flying. First flight was 04/04/2009. As you can see the SQ is the best looking canard. The sleek looking aerodynamic fuselage has no comparison.

06/23/08 David's SQ mostly finished. The result looks really cool. SQs look great, and David's artistic touch brings that out even more.

06/10/08 David inspecting details in the engine compartment...

02/18/08 And a shiny paint job....

01/14/08 Instrument panel near completion, prop spinner, some things in primer.

12/24/07 David making more progress: carbon cowling, new Catto prop, wings painted and more.

04/08/07 The seats and avionics are taking shape. Recently David decided to change from original factory dual sticks to single center stick. You can see the center torque tube going back to the ailerons. The factory uses a cable control.

04/08/07 David's got the engine in place with almost finished cowling. The electric pitch trim should be easy to use. Showing the slick wheel pants.

02/06/06 David making that important step getting the engine together. The photo shows his lovely IO-360 with forward mounted throttle body he put together himself and some cowling experimenation to accomodate the engine.

5/23/05 More of David's progress: strakes, wings, doors, instrument panel:


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