My TH-D7A + Deluo tracker construction

Here are some circuit details for my GPS tracker. Its mounted in a Radio Shack 6x4x2 plastic project box. The back of the Kenwood TH-D7A sits on top of a TH-D7A alkaline battery holder box which is mounted on its bottom with two screws to the Radio Shack Box. Its positioned so you need to pull out the volume control to remove the TH-D7A from box. I have not used the Deluo connector, but just cut its cable and soldered the wires directly to my circuit.

Circuit connections:

cig lighter plug ground         |-> Voltage regulator GND
                                |-> TH-D7A GPS plug ground
                                |-> Deluo GPS ground (black wire & shield)
                                |-> TH-D7A power supply plug ground

cig lighter plug 12V            --> on/off switch in (12V)

on/off switch out (12V)         |-> Voltage regulator IN
                                |-> TH-D7A power supply plug tip

Voltage regulator OUT (+5V)     --> Deluo GPS Power in (red wire)

From Deluo GPS data out (Green wire) --> Kenwood TH-D7A GPS plug tip

To Deluo GPS data in  (White wire) --> not used
For the voltage regulator circuit see below. Its probably possible just to use the 7805 by itself w/o the extra capacitors and diode. But those may help to "quiet" the circuit.

I did not mount my voltage regulator on a special circuit board but simply screwed it to the side of the box on top of a sink tab - a simple strip of tin about two inches long to disperse the heat (works fine). All the connections are simply soldered to the 7805 tabs, the switch, etc.

The deluo GPS has a magnet inside so you can stick it to some metal base. I have just stuck a small square piece of tin with silicon glue to the side of the plastic box to mount the GPS - You can do that anywhere on the box.

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If you are a bussy person and would like the finished project, I can provide the labor for $100 + shipping and your parts. You can contact me by Email

I can do your project with a less expensive transceiver plus a TNC (like OpenTracker (I have a spare one too)). For the transceiver to fit into the Radio Shack project box, it would need to be no larger than 4.6 x 2.2 x 1.5 inch. Some such transceivers are Alinco DJ-196T/V17T, Yaesu VX-150, etc.)