Paul Lee - SQ2000 Project, Pierre SD USA

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04/01/2003. Hope to fly soon. This is the hangar I managed to rent - $75/mo. Pierre, SD is a good location to build and own a plane. Two 6800 x 150 ft runways and reasonable hangar rent, plus mostly sunny flying weather - but the wind can pick up a bit here occasionally.
(Postbuild note: 03/01/05) The above hangar I rented about 10 months before actual occupancy in order to secure hangar space. The rent was very reasonable. But the T hangar is not sectioned off and is a one big drafty space, and the birds and dust easily get in - a chore to keep the plane clean. Its also inconvenient for me to continually haul and load my tools in the minivan.

Over the months I have noticed that the next door separate 40x40 hangar was not being used. I contacted the owner who was retired, not using the hangar (for aircraft), and willing to sell for a very reasonable price - It is an older wood frame steel corrugated walls building but mostly structurally sound with homemade electric doors. On 03/01/05 I signed the bill of sale and became the proud owner of the "new" hangar. The city actually owns the ground which is leased to hangar structure owners and I had to wait until 03/10/05 to take possession when the city finished the paperwork. The annual city land lease is about $208 and the electricity is about $18/mo. Thats less than half monthly expense of the rental hangar.

I did improve the hangar, the costs and labor adding up to more the original price - replaced the rotten wood base and surrounded it with a concrete skirt to keep storm water from washing in and some welding and repair on hangar door and small entry door. The roof was spray covered with a substance by previous owner but still leaks with wind driven rain.

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