Paul Lee - SQ2000 Project, Pierre SD USA

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Nav, land and strobe lights.

The suggested landing light position was on midwing positions. I decided to place the light on the fuselage nose. This provides easy access for adjustments and bulb changes. The light kit was an inexpensive ($12) off road set from (item 37349) with an H3 automotive bulb - but it had a metal chrome reflector that fitted neatly in the nose and I could drill to connect an attachment bracket.
2008/07/08 Postbuild Update: I have been following the HID light system emergence for vehicles. The early conversion kits were an arm and a leg pricewise and bulky. Recently the prices came down drastically. I found a motorcycle HID conversion kit on eBay for about $63 total and installed it today. The new light has a more circular beam since the light source is more point like, whereas the old halogen bulb had a more horizontal beam spread because the 1/4" wide fillament was horizontal.
The first photo below shows the balast installation (about the size of a credit card) with the HI voltage unit, mounted on the FS-16 front bulkhead. The second photo shows the bright light outside look. For some reason the light does not come on with first switch click everytime but may require second toggling - possibly the high voltage ballast is triggered with the initial switch on and sometimes requires a second try.

2011/08/30 Postbuild Update: The prices of LED headlights were coming down so I switched over to LED to save power.

The wingtip light mounting was done at same time as engine and wiring. The hole for the Wheelen A600P light assembly was drilled at dimensions shown. The wiring conduit is about 2" to from front of hole. Had to kind of dig around in there since the factory instructions were not exact. You got to watch not to drill too deep since an antenna cable is right behind. After positioning the light assembly (not too tight) with the screws the space around that is filled with epoxy glass baloon mixture and then the assembly removed and the cured mixture is sanded smoothly.

The assembly has separate wires for front and back position lights. I grounded the rear (clear) light one lead inside with a terminal fastening it to the case with a pop rivet. The other wire is seen joining the red front position light lead. This reduces the number of wire leads to 5 from 7. The position light current for both bulbs is only 4 amps. I am using 18 gauge 2 conductor shielded wire for the position lights. The strobe power supply, X-Pak 904 (shown mounted behind rear seats under main spar) is available from for only $160.00 - less than half price of Wheelen unit. They also supply the matching connecting cables with pluggin connectors.

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