Paul Lee - SQ2000 Project, Pierre SD USA

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to 11/28/01:

Firewall installation.

Firewall shown in position and with NACA scoop hole cutout.
The instructions were to glass one side of firewall at a time - inside first. But I found that a bit too much at one time. So did the upper inside first and then lower part second (shown peel plied). Normally the NACA scoop was to be installed after the firewall glassing but I installed the NACA scoop the previous night - with the lower flange and forward part floxed and flox squeezed out. Then I simply glassed the firewall lower part and around the NACA/firewall-contact at same time. The dark patches are the 7544-E glass layers for engine mount reinforcement.
The back of the firewall requjires a dropped lip for mounting the cowling later. I couldn't find the right "poster board" to go with the 1/4 foam as per factory suggestion, so I cut L shaped slotted 3/4 foam for mold as shown.
The firewall is covered with "fibrefrax" felt (very fragile stuff) which is held in place by the 18 gauge galvanized sheet metal with screws. The controls parts shown are for rudders and the bell crank is from the inside torque tube to control the ailerons.

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