Paul Lee - SQ2000 Project, Pierre SD USA

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to 10/28/01:

The next thing was really to do the doors. But the factory didn't ship the hinges yet so I am skiping to spar reinforcement and installation. Hope the hinges will come soon, so I don't have to wait after doing this.

Reinforcing spar - crush plate installed after curing for 3 days:
Didn't have long sleeve gloves so wrapping arm in plastic with masking tape is an alternative. The small roller on a stick is handy for reaching into the awkward hole. Why didn't the factory do this on the spar already?:
No way to apply peel ply after applying all that mess in there. The only way I found was to roll up the peel ply on the roller in strips and just unroll it up into that dark hole.
Time to cut wing bolts access holes in spar.
Wouldn't you know it? I thought I had every size of hole saws.:
After trying to drill the two adjacent holes as required I found my trusty old 1/2" drill got bogged down. The problem was not torque but friction. Every bit it gets deper the high friction fibreglass material would slow it down. A simple way around that is to cut the holes initially as much as it would go without overheating and then simply finish the job with a jig saw.:

The access hole material cut out.

After filing and sanding.

Seting up the fuselage to install the spar.

A temporary bubble level epoxied on top of fuselage helps detect accidents.
Placing spar into position and leveling it. Independent spar weight support avoids distoring or moving the fuselage out of level.
Aligning the spar rotation in the horizontal plane with spot on wall located previously with laser beam.
See hints section 'How to line up spar with front nose using a laser level'.
If you do not have somebody to hold the tape end you could simply screw the tape end to wall temporarily.
Spar after reinforcing cured. Would like to finish firewall but doors are not done yet - waiting for hinges from factory. Otherwise could not get inside to do the doors.

As you notice, the white factory primer coat was ground off in spar vicinity in order to get better glass adhesion when bonding spar to fuselage.

If the hinges for the doors don't come in soon from the factory I may have to jump to canard installation.

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