Paul Lee - SQ2000 Project, Pierre SD USA

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10/13/01 - 10/16/01:

Front bulkhead positioned, floxed and glassed (see comments below) :

FS-37 bulkhead fabrication/installation must the the most labor intensive process. 12 hours just to prepare all holes, reinforcing plates, fuselage bottom hole, etc. Even using a laser level, lining up the bulkhead took 8 hours. I used floxed 10 minute epoxy to dab several spots to hold BH in place and peel ply it. Had to take it appart at least once and re-align. Another 10 hours to flox/glass the bulkhead in place.

Pre-wetting glass here is a must since work involves all positions glassing - horizontal, vertical and underneath. It is somewhat awkward to get in front of the FS-16 bulkhead in the nose cone. Due to the various curvature and obstructions, peel ply was not easy to apply as is seen. So that sanding spots in the future that require glassing may be necessary.

FS-37 bulkhead with peel ply removed:

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